Scutum from Rancho Hidalgo

Here’s the result using the Canon 60Da on my little tracker head.  I spent a lot of time fooling with these in Pixinsight and then Photoshop.  Unusual for this part of New Mexico, I had problems with gradients due to smoke from wildfires in Arizona.  (See I believe this is stacked from  5-180 second exposures. Images were collected May 18, 2012.

Scutum region, 5 x 180 sec, Canon 60Da; 28-135 lens at 28mm; f/8, ASA 3200

Soybeans are blooming

The inch or so of rain that came with the Derecho is making the beans happy.  while they look (to me) like they would be attractive to insects, soybeans are self-pollinating.  And they are very accommodating to summer conditions.    Only about 30% of the flowers will produce seeds, the rest aborting due to dry or unfavorable conditions.  The extended period of blooming takes advantage of better conditions when (if) they occur.

Soybean blossoms

Soybean Field