In search of the Amish

Jean sold 20 bales of straw to an Amish lady who runs a small cannery.  She gave an address and vague directions and asked, “do you have gps?  It’s easy if you have gps.”  So we set off looking for an address on Koopert Rd in Bellville.  Of course that didn’t come up in the iphone.  Jean remembered mention of Butler Rd, so maybe in Butler?  Where we live post offices can seem pretty arbitrary.  We live a half mile from the Shauk post office but have a Mount Gilead address.  Mount Gilead is fifteen miles away.  Our neighbor across the street gets their mail from Bellville.  So you could live near Butler and be in Bellville.  But anyway, no Koopert in Butler either.  Did we mean Cooper?  There’s like 25 of them.  I’m about ready for Plan B, which is, ask someone.  Everybody is known by someone in the country side, and Amish folk all know each other even if they’re not neighbors.  But we didn’t get her name…  Alright, now Jean says, just try Safari.  So I get a hit in Zillo!  The place is not for sale. It’s Kopert not Koopert, and it’s in Butler, not Bellville.  But now I can find it in Maps! From there we got there easily.  Never did see a sign for Kopert Rd…

Chat with a robot

I bought a new truck and wanted to set up online payments at Huntington Bank.  So I went to the home page and couldn’t quite figure out how to get set it up,  A helpful chat window popped up:

Chat now image

So I chatted with “Amy”, somewhat annoyed that I couldn’t just use a link, fill out a form, etc.  Amy asked a variety of automated questions to establish my identity, which i answered helpfully.  I didn’t realize I was in fact interacting with a web form until Amy asked me to verify an ancient address and I got cute:  “Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): Which of the following street addresses in ‘Columbus’ have you ever lived at or been associated with?

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      13086 Eagles Lndg

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      2065 Jefferson St Sw

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      227 Jackson St

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      7723 Debonaire Dr

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      Either 1) None of the above or 2) I have never lived or owned property in this city

John McClintock: 227Jackson st  Can’t you be replaced by a web form?

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): I am sorry but I do not know what you mean by ‘ Can’t you be replaced by a web form?’, can you please explain?

John McClintock: I am trying to endear myself to you.

John McClintock: 227 Jackson

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): Thank you! I have successfully verified you and I am happy to help.”

Amy then supplied me with a user name and password so I could proceed.

As it turns out, I’m going to refinance my Huntington loan with my credit union, not because of Amy, who I think means well, and actually did a creditable job, but because Huntington wants to charge me $5.00 to pay online from my non-Huntington checking account, and because I can get a lower interest rate, as well as a cash-back incentive.  And the credit union is downstairs from my work, and the people there are actually pleasant and helpful.






GOES ECIR Satellite of Hurricane Isaac Development

Using an AppleScript, the individual images were collected from NOAA’s archive site, and made into a movie with QuickTime Player 7.  The coverage is from 8/05/2012 to 09/05/2012, showing the development of Hurricane Isaac.  The images are from the IR (infra-red) band of the GOES, which permits 24 hour coverage.