Chat with a robot

I bought a new truck and wanted to set up online payments at Huntington Bank.  So I went to the home page and couldn’t quite figure out how to get set it up,  A helpful chat window popped up:

Chat now image

So I chatted with “Amy”, somewhat annoyed that I couldn’t just use a link, fill out a form, etc.  Amy asked a variety of automated questions to establish my identity, which i answered helpfully.  I didn’t realize I was in fact interacting with a web form until Amy asked me to verify an ancient address and I got cute:  “Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): Which of the following street addresses in ‘Columbus’ have you ever lived at or been associated with?

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      13086 Eagles Lndg

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      2065 Jefferson St Sw

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      227 Jackson St

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      7723 Debonaire Dr

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149):      Either 1) None of the above or 2) I have never lived or owned property in this city

John McClintock: 227Jackson st  Can’t you be replaced by a web form?

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): I am sorry but I do not know what you mean by ‘ Can’t you be replaced by a web form?’, can you please explain?

John McClintock: I am trying to endear myself to you.

John McClintock: 227 Jackson

Amy(NMLS ID: 808149): Thank you! I have successfully verified you and I am happy to help.”

Amy then supplied me with a user name and password so I could proceed.

As it turns out, I’m going to refinance my Huntington loan with my credit union, not because of Amy, who I think means well, and actually did a creditable job, but because Huntington wants to charge me $5.00 to pay online from my non-Huntington checking account, and because I can get a lower interest rate, as well as a cash-back incentive.  And the credit union is downstairs from my work, and the people there are actually pleasant and helpful.






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