Control System Prefs with AppleScript

I use TeamViewer to control the PC in the Hut, because it’s free, and it often works quite well.  The thing that drives me most nuts about it is how to right-click remotely.  I’m working from a Mac Book Pro with a trackpad.  I suppose I could actually use a two button mouse, but I … Read more

MacBook Hibernation Weirdness

My new MBP (ML 10.8.2) has an unexpected morning behavior.  Instead of just popping the lid and getting started, I’m now treated to the “wake from hibernation” screen, and it takes a minute or two to get working. Apparently there’s some new power management thing going on,  so it’s time to poke around in the … Read more

How to save man pages from Terminal

One would expect it should be easy to save a man page from terminal for review, and it is, but it doesn’t work the way you expect. I would expect that “man col > col.txt” should save a nice text file in the home directory, but the results are strange: COL(1)              BSD … Read more

Xsan 2.3 client won’t mount

I’m having a problem with clients dropping their  xsan volumes, usually on a restart of the client.  The fix I used is below, but  I’d live to have abetter method.  Here’s what I know: The MDCs are running 10.7.4, as are the clients.  There is a ghost directory that I have deleted, but it returns … Read more