Find files by month ignoring the year, with AppleScript

I find that I take a lot of pictures of seasonal stuff, and  I wondered how to find images taken at the same time of year but in different years.  As it turns out, there’s no obvious way to do that.  Computers keep time by counting the number of ticks or seconds since an arbitrary … Read more

Control System Prefs with AppleScript

I use TeamViewer to control the PC in the Hut, because it’s free, and it often works quite well.  The thing that drives me most nuts about it is how to right-click remotely.  I’m working from a Mac Book Pro with a trackpad.  I suppose I could actually use a two button mouse, but I … Read more

Use AppleScript to Manage PDFs

  I often collect PDFs off the web, and save far too many of them.  But often they are tear sheets, product blurbs, or rocket science I don’t understand that I don’t want to have cluttering up the hard drive.  When I have finished with a PDF that I want to trash,  I use an … Read more

GOES ECIR Satellite of Hurricane Isaac Development

Using an AppleScript, the individual images were collected from NOAA’s archive site, and made into a movie with QuickTime Player 7.  The coverage is from 8/05/2012 to 09/05/2012, showing the development of Hurricane Isaac.  The images are from the IR (infra-red) band of the GOES, which permits 24 hour coverage.