Hunting Season

We had our deer hunting season after Thanksgiving.

I’m not a hunter, but we let some friends hunt on the farm as a way of controlling the influx of strangers who often trespass during the season.  We are usually offered some meat in exchange if they have success.  Our Amish friend Daniel got an 8 point buck on Monday, and I stopped over at his house the next Tuesday to pick up some really nice deer sausage.

We got a call from Raymond Miller, an old neighbor who was hunting adjacent land and asked permission to track a deer he had hit but not killed.  It was pretty surprising to be asked, actually, but of course you want the hunter to collect his deer, which is way better than stumbling over a decaying carcass later on.  Jean was talking to a friend at Owl Creek who said he found 5 shot deer on their farm this year.  What a waste.  Anyway it was a rainy Saturday when Raymond called, and he and Jean had old home week.  He told Jean about his 82 year-old mom, Sylvia, who made the national news in the Spring time when she ran down a purse snatcher in the Walmart parking lot.  Here’s that story:

Jean says “That sounds like Sylvia”.  I don’t know if Raymond found his deer or not.

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