It’s cold.

It’s -13 outside.  I was trying to make snow;  I poured boiling water in a mister and was spraying it around outside.  I think the droplets were too small;  what came out looked like white steam and rose quickly out of sight.  Bigger droplets were definitely frozen.. Anyway it was inconclusive.  morning_moon_DSCN1165I checked the WoodMaster, which needs a lot of attention when it’s this cold, and the controls were dark!  After checking switches & breakers, sure enough the power was out.

I can heat with wood or propane, but without power, I have no blowers or pumps, so we’re really screwed with a major outage.  There was no weather happening, other than unusual (um, record breaking) cold, so I didn’t think it would be long before the heat came back on.  It was about an hour, and the house only lost a degree or two.  I had laid out the Mr Buddy heater and the Coleman lantern, figured I’d wait till 50 degrees in the house before lighting a match.

In the plan is a standby generator.

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