Pixinsight workflow for annotation

Since I’ve been using the Takahashi FSQ106-ED with the STL11000, I’m getting wide field images, about 3.9 x 2.7 degrees.  So the fields contain numerous cataloged objects that would be nice to identify. Pixinsight offers a workflow to “solve” the image which provides accurate WCS coordinates that are added to the FITS header; and an … Read more

A nice triple conjunction

After the crazy weather we’ve been having , it was a treat to see Venus, Jupiter and Mercury crammed together into a neat triangle after sunset.   Mercury can be hard to find in the twilight, and it sure makes it easier to have Venus or Jupiter as a marker.  Tonight we have both!  Mercury is … Read more

Kentland Impact Structure Field Trip

Last year I discovered that the Geological Society of America (GSA) has annual regional meetings with really great field trips to local geological locations of interest.  So I joined up, and last year paid a visit to the Serpent Mound Disturbance, a fairly ancient meteor impact site in southeastern Ohio. This year a trip was … Read more