Maybe time to trim the beard…

Some time ago I was asked (about my beard) “how long are you going to let that thing grow?”  I replied that I thought it had about maxed out, which it seems to do after 3 or 4 months.

Brownian motion routine from Processing.

I immediately think of a constrained random walk model for beard growth and

woodmaster 4400
Our outdoor woodburner heats two houses and provides really hot water. And it’s carbon neutral!

forget about it.  Still, I usually hit a point where the beard makes a nuisance of itself and something has to give. We had our first frost last night, and it felt very nippy doing the chores.  I’ve already had a few beard-zipper conflicts with various coats and went, hmmm.  I decided to fire up the old Woodmaster tonight, and after flipping a breaker and adjusting various valves in the basement, started a nice blaze in the thing.  There was a smell I couldn’t immediately place.  Perhaps a bit of plastic in with the wood? Of course the tip of the beard had been licked by an over-exuberant flame and fused into a kinky mess.  So maybe it’s time to trim the beard….

Maybe can’t tell from this self-portrait, but the bottom inch or so is singed pretty good.

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